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 Post subject: 5.56mm Full Metal Jacket 1.00 D3 Total Conversion released
PostPosted: Wed Jul 08, 2009 6:28 am 
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Author: Scared Pixel Studios

5.56mm Full Metal Jacket 1.00 FTP DOWNLOAD LINKS
win32-installer-Version (511 MB)
all-OS-non-Installer-Version (509 MB)

win32-installer-Version (511 MB):

all-OS-non-Installer-Version (509 MB):

5.56mm Full Metal Jacket is a Doom 3 multiplayer total conversion which takes place in fictive environments all over the world in the year 2020 where the 2 remaining superpowers (West and East) send their best men to outplay the enemy and be first to dominate the area of operation. The special forces teams consisting of battlefront experienced marines, skilled engineers and expert scientists fight it out on a great variation of different maps which range from huge deserted outdoor complexes to the narrow spaced metallic stations of the 22nd century (time travel).

FMJ is one of the very few multiplayer online shooters that provides absolute precise calculated damage and ballistics calculations. Every bullet fired in FMJ is actually rendered as a single 3d bullet object that travels through the virtual space being affected by physical parameters such as gravity. Furthermore FMJ makes use of Doom3's introduced per-poly-hit-detection-system which is superior in any thinkable way compared to the system used in common 3d shooters (hitboxes). FMJ makes use of the "unified light and shadowing" concept to the fullest and renounces faking or skipping features.

Accordingly to your team you receive the full weapon-arsenal available supported by your side. There are 7 classes of weapons ....Fists/Flashlight, Pistols, Shotguns, Sub-Machineguns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles and Grenades.

FMJ is a full FPS/3PS shooter combining the best of both worlds letting you play the game the way you want.

FMJ features 25 unique maps and 3 different gametypes which are: Capture the Flag, Team DeathMatch and Capture & Control.

The player can choose from 11 unique player models picking the avatar that fits him most. To enhance gameplay and game-fun fully customizable and voteable AI players have been added to the game which can run in dedicated or listen server mode and render the gamer independent to an internet access. Features like "player inactivity control" or "server banning" are just some of the tools provided to serveradmins.

FMJ version (1.00) has the latest post processing effects added like Motion-Blur, DOF, FilmGrain (4 different steps), Edge Dimming and Bloom (4 different steps) to add even more current-gen eye candy to the game.

FMJ 1.00 is crossplatforming and fully compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, MacOS and Linux.




For a full list of new features and changes please head down to the "changelog"
section below.



5.56mm Full Metal Jacket 1.00

- added GOW style third person view
- added proper working 3rd person crosshair
- added next-gen postprocessing effects
- added ingame playermodel previewer
- ported to linux & macOS

5.56mm Full Metal Jacket 0.95b Update

- added nivelxe's "autobot balance disable" code fix
- added nivelxe's "bots now again recognize monsters" code fix
- ported to linux by simulation

5.56mm Full Metal Jacket 0.95a Update

- added simulation's server reload engine cvar update
- added voteflag code for FMJ specific votable cvars

5.56mm Full Metal Jacket v0.95

- added voteable auto-team-bot-balance routine
- added voteable bot count, bot_skill and si_autoteam voteable
- made Sabots to emit smoke on weapon discharge
- made viewmodel visible when spectating a Sabot in first person
- enhanced ctf bot logic (pick up dropped flags)
- fixed bot ctf score/take flag issue

- finalized chainguns gui implementation and general weapon gui icons fix
- fixed sniper ammo only giving 4 rounds
- created new reload sounds for fmj weapons
- fixed "best weapon" priority (grenades issue)

FMJ Maps
- added new map tt_systemshock
- added new map tt_spaceship
- added new map tt_theoddplace
- added new map tt_theother
- added new map tt_lostworld
- added new map tt_originfacility
- added new map tt_medicalfacility
- added new map tt_lostfleet
- added new map de_distress
- added new map de_bladerunner
- added new map de_ancientvault
- added new map de_stalwart
- AAS48 creation for all 25 FMJ maps
- implemented visportals for all brush based fmj maps (improves speed and eliminates lag during fights)
- improved cover posibilities in the connection-tunnels of de_cathedral
- improved de_omegacomplex
- widened exit/entrance zone for team red in at_war to make moving in and out easier
- fixed CTF flags for de_night
- removed snapshot/cubemapshot creation for de_omegacomplex
- finalized clipbrush surrounding for all outdoormaps
- replaced "shadow brighter" lights with an ambientlight for am_docks
- implemented adjustable gametype based respawn delays

Server/Client changes
- added banning from server
- added inactivity control for idle players and bots
- added 8 player scoreboard GUI support for all gametypes
- fixed CTF icons display for the CTF scoreboard
- changed hud scores display (8 scores showing total score of each team)
- created 8 player server support
- made bullet impact effects on player bodies completely rendered in client mode

General Features/Changes
- eliminated bunny hopping (strafe jumping)
- added features like toggle crouch and toggle run
- added "Bloom settings" option to all menus
- made all explodeables respawn after 1 minute
- fixed telefragging issue at map start
- added custom teleport in/out effects for players teleporting
- improved Team DM gametype for all maps
- rebalanced respawn times for all maps
- improved all explosion effects
- enhanced voicechat distance
- added custom material dependant impact effects and sounds

5.56mm Full Metal Jacket prerelease v0.91

- implemented the Sabot source into FMJ
- created custom FMJ SABots (sabot defs)
- fixed SABot weapon discharge slowdowns
- reduced SDK based SABot bandwidth usage
- changed 9999 ms ping display to "*" for bots at the scoreboard
- removed "ProcessCommand" console message for SABots

- created custom animations for shotguns, smgs, rifles and sniper rifles
- added chainguns to FMJ
- fixed chaingun SDK related overflow message when using over 60 rounds belt capacity
- fixed shotgun lag and rebalanced damage values

FMJ Maps
- added map "de_labyrinth"
- added map "de_omegacomplex"
- improved visuals and performance for "am_docks"

Server/Client changes
- implemented adjustable gametype based respawn delays
- added 12 player dedicated server support
- made bullet impact effects on player bodies completely rendered on clients

General Features/Changes
- allowed all stages of r_bloom on clients in multiplayer
- fixed double head for singleplayer (Singleplayer is currently not supported by FMJ)
- changed Player strafe animations
- added description.txt (adds colored and customized mod name under the "Mods" section of Doom 3
- changed m3 weapon script to match m3 name
- reduced distance of weapon sound shaders
- reduced mp5 decal size to fit the smg class
- visually improved impact effects (dust puffs)
- visually improved muzzle smoke effects

5.56mm Full Metal Jacket Beta v0.75
- ported to Linux
- ported to macOS
- Custom CAC flags
- Custom CTF flags
- New map "de_sincity"
- New map "de_sewers"
- New map "de_cathedral"
- New map "de_lostfacility"
- New map "gz_springhill"
- New map "de_gowbarb"
- Custom FMJ intro sequence
- Telefrag bug with 10 ppl fixed
- Crosshair fixed for bright and dark scenes
- Screensaver function
- New weaponsclass "Shotguns"
- Up to 10 players (5vs5) support
- Removed SP options from mainmenu
- Added thirdperson view
- New and nice looking bullet impact effects
- New grenade explosion effects, sounds and physics
- Improved weapon-balance
- Improved weapons-soundshaders
- Fixed WeaponViewmodel at Spawn in am_docks
- Fixed Jet_sound_playback in am_docks
- Fixed fmj_sensitivity for grenades
- Added 10 choosable multiplayer CTF models
- CAC Gameplay implemented.
- CTF Gameplay implemented.
- Bleeding and Hurt decals fixed
- Medipack clears wounds
- g_showpayershadow can now be disabled in mp
- Weapon toggle system implemented.
- sticky Zoom added

5.56mm Full Metal Jacket Beta v0.45
- Sniperweapons !!!
- new map called AT_WAR
- Improved weapon view models
- Improved ballistics
- Countless little tweaks and bugfixes

5.56mm Full Metal Jacket Beta v0.43
- 8 different weapons, 4 per side
- Realistic bullet-ballistic (real modelled projectiles are fired and react
physically correct while getting dragged down by gravity as they proceed flying
through the landscape)
- Headshots that are deadly with any weapon from any distance
- Really huge outdoor environments that are lit with a global lighting system
- 6 players (3vs3) support (can be increased if necessary)
- A BloomShader which creates a breathtaking HDR like look and makes the
Landscaps look more realistic
- 5 unique maps
- realistic water correctly refracting and reflecting the virtual world


The Idea Behind it

I always wanted to create a shooter that combines the awesome looking graphics
of Doom³ with a more tactical game play. I hope I will succeed in melting those
two genres together and enrich the Doom3Community with a Mod that hopefully will
find its lovers ;)


id software (for keep creating breathtaking 3d engines and for deciding to release them modfriendly) (for providing us with the world's greatest Doom³ related user, editor and coder exchange forum)

Nivelxe (for working hard on this as a team adding sdk features and solving coding related issues)

Simulation|EMZ (for being the technical advisor on this project, optimizing and providing us with tons of smart & smooth SDK code and porting FMJ to Linux and MacOS)

TinMan & cusTom3 (for providing us with their awesome SABot source, making FMJ so much nicer)

Deavile (for his third person crosshair tutorial)

Sikkpin (for providing his 3PS and Postprocessing code)

Nicemice (for bugfixing, optimizing and syncing code related issues)

Sparhawk (for adding the team_spawn/fmj_sensitivity function to the code and testing it out with me)

Der_Ton (for the inspiring time and his awesome doom 3 exporting tools)

jcdenton22 (for his gui-code contribution and tips)

jlamb (for his inspiration and assets contribution)

mikebart (for his inspiration and foliage-assets contribution)

Chad Pippenger (for his awesome custom made viewmodel animations)

Adam Sosnowski (for writing this extremely useful timed keeping alive ded-server script for windows xp)

santaclaws (for allowing me to use his awesome bloomshader code)

Use_less (for modifying SantaClaws shader and porting it to version 1.3)

Ice Weasel (for contributing his Omega Research Facility, Stalwart Redux and Origin facility maps)

Architekt (for contributing his Chemical factory and Dark Base maps)

Psonig (for contributing his PSODM5 map)

Kai Moosmann (for contributing his Lost World 3 map)

BJA (for contributing his Lost_Facility map)

XPAC27 (for contributing his Subterranean map)

The Matrixer (for contributing his M_City4, Blade Runner and The Other maps)

Loren Schmidt (for contributing his cathedral map)

Mordenkainen (for contributing his atw map)

wishmop (for contributing his am_docks map and inspiration)

The {KAN} clan (for betatesting and giving us a good time)

Special Thanks go out to Simulation|EMZ and Nivelxe, who dedicated their time taking FMJ
to where it is today. If you enjoy FMJ please also visit their sites at:

"Focused, hard work is the real key to success. Keep your eyes on the goal,
and just keep taking the next step towards completing it."

John Carmack

I got six little friends and they all run faster than you ;)

Check out our mods at
moddb or the SPS Homepage

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 Post subject: Re: 5.56mm Full Metal Jacket 1.00 D3 Total Conversion released
PostPosted: Tue Jun 29, 2010 2:05 pm 

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oneofthe8devilz wrote:

Accordingly to your team you receive the full weapon-arsenal available supported by your side. There are 7 classes of weapons ....Fists/Flashlight, Pistols, Shotguns, Sub-Machineguns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles and Grenades.

What is best in all 7 classes of weapons?

fixed blade hunting knives

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 Post subject: Re: 5.56mm Full Metal Jacket 1.00 D3 Total Conversion released
PostPosted: Fri Jul 09, 2010 12:35 pm 

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Thanks for the new release. i am getting it now. got Doom 3 just for this mod. im a fan of your teams work. i love the 3rd person view. now to throw in some power armors or mechs ^^

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